I am, for want of a better Linean-type categorisation for my own peculiar sub-career, a science fiction journalist, and now a writer of the same. The principal difference being once I interviewed people about making stuff up, now I make my own stuff up. The latter is more fun.

I was born in 1973, the eldest of five boys, all of whom are arty media sorts, if short-tempered and, well, short (all except number 4, who is genuinely large enough to ride a horse). We were raised on the moors of Yorkshire, where we all survived to adulthood despite freezing temperatures, angry boggarts and proximity to the volatile Lancastrian border.

I began my career on SFX Magazine in 1997, where I eventually became deputy editor, before leaving to edit notable gaming magazine White Dwarf at Games Workshop. Three years later I ran away to be  involved in the launch of the ill-fated, if bold, SF magazine Death Ray, which I also edited. Since its demise in 2009 I have been wandering the media hinterlands as a pen for hire.

I live in Somerset with my wife Emma, young son Benny (yes really, and no, nobody under 107 years of age remembers Crossroads now), and a Malamute called Magnus.

  1. tsuhelm says:

    Fellow Yorkshireman!

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