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Posted: September 1, 2010 in Journalism
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Lookee here! SFX have put up 200 articles online from across the entire run of the print magazine to celebrate their recent 200th issue, and a few of them are by me or have me in them. Wow, in some of them I even have hair…

SFX online editor Dave Golder deserves a medal for putting this feature together, it’s a monster.

Check out this for main event:

SFX 200 feature

And the below for words from yours truly. (I think I wrote a few of the other features/ snippets too, but I can’t tell for sure without my name on them…)

Claudia Christian interview (SFX 27)

One of my earliest long pieces, and it shows. There’s some reaaal fruity writing in there! I arrived 20 minutes late because I couldn’t find the hotel, and there were no iPhones or texting or internet to save me then. She called me a wanker, although I think she was joking. I was only 24.

What’s That Tat? (SFX 31)

Weird suit, weird hair, weird feature. Fun though.

It’s The Ale Talking (SFX 56)

Post Couch Potato pub-based ranting. Was I really that much of an arse (no, don’t answer that)? Did I really have that much hair?

Flying Daleks (SFX 57)

Review of Flying Duck-type Daleks.

Guy Gavriel Kay (SFX 93)

An interview with the man that edited The Silmarillion and now spends his days reinventing history.

The Clone Wars (SFX113)

A review of Genndy Tartakovsky’s excellent cartoon.

  1. Tom Mayo says:

    Yes yes, all well and good, but where are MY bits? Le sigh!

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