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Posted: September 7, 2010 in Fiction
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Good news! For me, definitely, but I hope also for those of you who enjoy near-future SF packed full of action and ideas.

Angry Robot have acquired two of my novels for publication in 2011 and 2012. Set in the near future of the early 22nd century, the Richards & Klein series follows the adventures of a pair of security consultants. Detectives, in short, only these are not like any detectives you’ve ever met. Richards is a highly advanced, self-evolved AI, one of only 76 Class Fives in the entire world. Otto Klein is his partner, an ex-member of the European Union’s Cybernetic Special Forces Unit. Think a little bit like Holmes and Watson, but where Holmes is a supercomputer with a taste for whisky and Watson is an SAS demi-robot packing a massive arsenal.

SF is very important to me, it has been my whole life, not least in my career. Naturally I have my own genre preferences. With Richards & Klein I’ve tried to create a ‘whole cloth’ future, one not dogged by apocalypse or dominated by one Big Idea (there’s a future blog in that although obviously AI is a Big Idea – not mine, mind –  and it is important but… Well, read the books, and you’ll see), one not powered by my own personal, socio-political agenda. If I do have a ‘Big Idea’, it’s that the future, like the past, is a foreign country, not an alien world. It will be recognisable but bewildering, the same but very different, and no matter what their origin – transhuman, post-human, pimsim, cybernetic, AI, cetacean, force-evolved organism, EuGene or just plain old natural born Homo Sapiens Sapiens in my world – people will always be people.

Put it like this, I have a telephone right now that would have caused wonder and amazement even twenty years ago. But I still bicker with my wife, and I still need to eat breakfast. That’s what the future will be like.

Richard and Klein’s stories will cover all manner of possibilities, from game addiction to mass migration, neo-colonialism to interplanetary colonisation, cases that involve everything from the fate of the world to the fate of one lost puppy (seriously, I’m not kidding, there’ll be a short about that). I hope you’re going to enjoy this world as much as I enjoy writing it, but as they say, time will tell.

I’ll be adding more detail to the Richards & Klein page in the Fiction section of this site as publication draws near, including a couple of exclusive short stories.  Sign up to get email notifications below!

Check out the Richards & Klein page, up above, under ‘Fiction’. Go on, you know you want to…

  1. Moonsanity says:

    Congratulations! I just read the review at Dark Fiction– reminded me that I need to read Fritz Leiber again– it’s been a LONG time!

  2. Tom Mayo says:

    Congratulations Weasel Prince! Nicely done, sir!

  3. Nick Sharps says:

    I just read about you on Gav Thorpe’s blog and I’m glad I decided to follow the link. I really like the premise of your novel and I will make sure to pre-order my copy when it’s released! Congrats.

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