Bring out your dead

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Yes, yes, protestations to myself aside that I would not allow this blog to be one of those the final entry of which reads “Latest exciting news!” dated March, 2006. I’ve been horribly slack, by a fortnight in fact. Here’s why.

My nanny was off for a week. Full-time Benny care ensued, no work was done. Last week included trips to two additional playgroups (we do swimming lessons every Friday anyway). In every one of these three activities, I was the only man. So much for 21st century shared roles. Lots of fun though, especially a slightly hippy outdoor environmental play down the woods. Very relaxing and worthwhile. (I tease hippies a little, and I shouldn’t. I can claim a great many of their eco beliefs as my own. In some ways, I’m a right-wing hippy, I suppose. Terrifying).

We all had norovirus. Projectile puking agogo! As with last year, I was ill but not as ill as my missus, who is only now recovering. Guess who was left holding the baby while being ill himself? And not figuratively either.

We’re preparing to get our dog. I’ve been sorting out puppy classes and vet visits and a consultation with the Bath Dog Whisperer (seriously). If I am going to get a huge dog, it’s going to have to be well-behaved. I’ve been sweating over images of it bouncing around, flattening visitors and eating sheep. Click here to visit the Dog Whisperer’s website. He’s like Cesar Milan, but from Manchester, not Mexico.

I’ve had a big deadline! Banging away on a novel for someone. The first draft has got to be finished by Monday. Nearly there, I’ve not had as much time as I hoped, partly because of the factors above, but also because my last job overran by a fortnight. Still on target, two chapters to go.

Yeah, they’re all rubbish excuses, but at least I typed them out. To make up for it I’ve been preparing an interview I did with Ursula K Le Guin in 2007 for Death Ray for this site. She’s one of my heroes, and I don’t do heroes ordinarily. It’s a great interview, with lots of extra bits. I’ll be putting it up once I’ve scrounged up some pictures.



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