A short post about shorts

Posted: November 30, 2010 in Fiction

A brief missive, a note to say that I have a short story in Colin Harvey’s latest anthology, Dark Spires, a collection the loose theme of which is ‘Hardy’s Wessex’ – all the stories therein are set in or around this fictional county. My story, ‘Outside’ takes place in a thinly disguised Swindon. It’s a horror. Aren’t I flexible?

You can get Dark Spires in e and paper formats at Wizards Tower Press.

You may have noticed that some of my short stories have come off this site. That’s because they’ve gone over to Angry Robot’s Short Story Store, where you can buy them for a minimal fee to read on your new-fangled electronic space books from tomorrow. Don’t grumble, you had your chance to read them for nowt.

In further news, I finished my redrafting of Richards & Klein: Reality 36 a couple of days ago. Man, that was stressful. But it’s much better now. Really good, even, if I say so myself. You can read it next August. Oh, the tension, you poor things!

That is all. Further communiques will be forthcoming.

  1. Fiona says:

    Hi Guy, this is kind of weird! It would be great to catch up with you at some point and bore you with news about kids etc and life in Hull.

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