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It’s been a sorry six weeks since my last post. My apologies. I’ve been away much of June, to Sweden for two weeks, whence my dear wife Emma hails, and a fortnight after my return to Yorkshire for a week to see my folks. Things have not been helped by our having our kitchen extended a mighty four metres square right before we left for the Far North. For much of May and June most of Casa Del Haley was in horrid uproar, with stuff everywhere (it’s astounding how much crap one accumulates in one’s kitchen). Compounding the issue, I elected to fit my own kitchen (again), and although successful, it took a looooong time. Still, the kitchen now looks like proper kitchen, and not a tiny, badly floored galley space filled with mud and boots. Which is how it was before. Big shouts out to Nick the Builder who lives down the road, and did an awesome job.

But I’m behind on pretty much everything. I’ve a detailed synopsis to write for Black Library for another potential book with them, I’ve two other publishers to submit to, a second stage proposal to finish, Richards & Klein: Omega Point to polish off, and a magazine to fill for Mantic, plus SFX work. A busy July beckons. And today, in the aftermath of the aforementioned extension,  I was preparing stuff for the tip, and I trod on a nail. It went right into my foot. Ouch. That really hurt. It still hurts, in fact.

Never mind! I can bear the agony, because I’m tough enough to take on an Orc, and win. Who said SF geeks were saps? Y’see, I was working up in Yorks, not holidaying, and sometimes work means Yorkshireman vs Orc fistifcuffs. Man, those moors are wild. Check out this latest video of my visit to Nottingham and the offices of Mantic Games, where I was interviewed by their top newsman, Orcy, and was forced to put my hard-won real-life RPG skills into action when things went a bit Rod Hull.

Last Saturday I also made it down to the Alt. Fiction in Derby, a literary SF event which was ace fun. I’ll post about that when their podcasts (featuring me, naturally) are up and free on the world-wide web and you can sample its pleasures yourselves.

Until then FIGHT!