I, Gandalf

Posted: July 3, 2011 in Random wifflings
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Well, that post of me fighting an Orc seemed to go down well. As a quick treat, here’s another video made by me and my four brothers two years ago, a recreation of a key moment in The Lord of The Rings. Perfect for those who can’t wait for The Hobbit, this epic masterpiece stars me, Guy Haley as the wizard Gandalf, and my littlest brother Ralf Haley as Bilbo Baggins, Hobbit adventurer. Yeah, that is actually Ralf’s hair. He’s that short too.

Honestly, that Peter Jackson does not know what he is doing. Ours was a far more sophisticated set up, we had two camcorders, some towels, and we were all pissed. Wasted, in fact.

Remember, I’m not trying to rob you, I’m trying to help you.

  1. Dungeonmum says:

    very good, had me in stitches!

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