Richards & Klein: The Nemesis Worm

Posted: August 2, 2011 in Fiction
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Howdy folks. Well, it’s only a day and a half until Richards & Klein: Reality 36 hits the shelves in the UK, and the digital noosphere the world over! I am very excited. Americans have to wait until 30 August for the paper version, I’m afraid. That will be followed on 13 September by the audiobook.

Here’s a bit of a surprise for you. Reality 36 was not the first Richards & Klein case I wrote about. To pitch the idea to Angry Robot, I wrote a 20,000 word novella called The Nemesis Worm. In this story, Richards and Klein are forced to investigate a series of murders when the evidence seems to point firmly at Richards himself. And guess what? You can download it from this site . One day I’m sure it’ll be part of a Richards & Klein short story collection, until then, it’s available here for free as a simple word doc (WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload epub and PRC, sadly), and exclusively via Amazon for Kindle in the United States, also for nowt.

Why am I doing this? Partly because I want to promote Richards & Klein, mostly because I wrote it, and I always write things to be read.

This isn’t actually the first Richards & Klein case, where we join them in The Nemesis Worm, which takes place in the summer of 2129 just before the events described in Reality 36, they’ve been working together for a few years. I’m sure I’ll write about how they met in good time. Until then, and until the release of Reality 36 (this week THIS WEEK!), here’s a taster of the sort of adventures you can expect in the near future (and the 22nd century). I sincerely hope you enjoy it.

R&K The Nemesis Worm

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