Reality 36: Out today!

Posted: August 4, 2011 in Fiction
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It’s finally over! The long wait until published novelhood is done, my very first book is out today. I decided I wanted to be a writer twenty years ago, and it’s been a long slog getting here, but now, if you go into Waterstones, you can see a book in the science fiction section with my name on it. I sometimes thought it would never happen, but I suppose it just goes to show that you can achieve your goals with a lot of perseverance.

There’s another review of the book on Amazon here. (Um, handily you can also order the book from there too!) Don’t forget that you can read sample chapters right here on this blog, as well as a free novella featuring my characters Richards & Klein, here. Also, don’t miss out on my new Reality 36 and timeline page under the Richards & Klein section of the this website.

Thanks to everyone who has already bought it!

Now, I must be off, Richards is facing off against k52 as Otto races against time in a robot body to defuse a giant bomb as I write the climax of Omega Point

  1. Matt Keefe says:

    It shares its birthday with Barack Hussein Obama. (Hussein is Arabic for “Biggest Disappointment in the History of the Western World”, by the way.)

  2. Congratulations on the UK launch of your book. It’s not out in Canada until the end of the month. 😦

    I was wondering if you’d be willing to do an email interview with me for your North American launch. I blog at The interview will also be displayed with your book at the bookstore where I work (for the month of September). Contact me at: if you’re interested.

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