Hi there. Just a very quick post today, as I’m up to my neck in the finale of Richards and Klein: Omega Point, and need to get it done. I am, as always, running behind on my work. Is it my fault I have a copy of SF strategy classic Master of Orion 2 (one of my all-time favourite games this, and Master of Orion 3 one of my all-time biggest disappointments) just sitting there and smiling at me from my desktop? I work all day, but my intentions to work in the evening have been… Compromised.

Well, yes, but enough! Please go here and vote for Reality 36 in The Guardian‘s “Not the Booker Prize”, for which a nice man nominated me. A free mug and a small amount of kudos is at stake!

Also, here’s another five-star review for the book here. Thus far, no negative reviews. One guy didn’t like Tarquinius and Jagadith (though he loved the book) and a couple more were irked by the cliffhanger. Otherwise, not one bad word has been said. w00t As I believe they say, or possibly said, I’m so behind the times.

Expect a proper post on interesting stuff as soon as I’ve finished Omega Point. I promise I’ll stop blithering on about Reality 36. Really.


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