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Posted: October 6, 2011 in Fiction, Random wifflings

Good evening. Nothing up here for a week or so, please excuse me, as I am working like the clappers to finish off Champion of Mars. When it’s done I’ll be putting up a cover to the left there, which you’ll be able to click on to get the usual stuff. This will include a free sample and an explanation of what it’s all about. If I get time, that’ll be this weekend. Come November, I’ve set aside some time to get a load more interviews – including some big names – and reviews up here from my magazine journo alter ego, so expect much more lovely content soon(ish).

This week I’ve seen some cool thumbnails for Omega Point, and some frankly astounding artwork for the front of Baneblade, sadly neither of which I can show you yet. (Any Imperial Guard/40k/Black Library fans out there, there will be a release date for Baneblade eventually. I know roughly when it will be, but I can say no more. The Emperor protects, except when he’s executing loose-lipped authors. You understand).

In other news, I attended the Gollancz 50th Anniversary party last Thursday. Lots of fun, had a great time with the likes of Alaistair Reynolds, Paul Cornell, Graham Joyce and lots of other old pals. My sympathies go out to Paul, who had some sad news this week. Check his own website and twitter feed for his own words on this.

Happier tidings are that John Whitbourn emailed me to tell me he has started writing again. If you’ve not heard of John, he released several great books in the 90s, including A Dangerous Energy (1991) for which he won the BBC and Gollancz first fantasy novel award, and which remains one of my all-time favourite fantasy books. Other greats include The Royal Changeling, and The Downslord trilogy. He’s had a long hiatus from the tyranny of the typewriter for personal reasons, but now he’s back. One of his first acts is to reissue his Binscombe Tales. These four books of short stories are set in the area he grew up in, and where his family has deep, deep (and I mean millenia-long) roots.

The stories are weird and wonderful, ranging from Simon Clarke-esque horror (another good writer with a strong regional bent) to gentle rural whimsy. All are cropped from the field of the fantastical. Someone else described them as the Twilight Zone of England, and I can’t do better than that. These are so positively English it makes me feel I am exploring a strange and alien land (which I am, because I’m from the North). Check them out here. The links on the site lead to the US Amazon, but if you are a Brit like me, go here to buy them. Still visit the first link though, as there is plenty of information about John. Go here also. The pages might be a bit, well, green, but you’ll find plenty about his work there.

Lastly, I am honoured to report that Angry Robot chose Reality 36 to be one of their first pair of audio books, along with Moxyland by some lady called Lauren Beukes? Anyone know her? I think she’s a friend of Arthur or something. Anyway, both are out today! Click this out for more details.

Thank you for your attention. Blog over.



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