Champion of Mars

Posted: October 8, 2011 in Fiction
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As promised a few days ago, here is a sample of Champion of Mars. I throw it onto your tender mercies at no charge.

Perhaps a little background to the book is in order. Although Champion of Mars is coming out from Solaris, it is set in the same universe as Reality 36. One third of the book is set in 2107, 22 years before the events of Reality 36, at a time when AIs are still commodities to be owned, the Five Crisis is still a raw memory, and the Class Seven has yet to be built. Click on the image to the left for the publisher’s lowdown on the story. You certainly do not need to read Reality 36 to enjoy Champion of Mars. There are none of the same characters in it, and it’s set on a different planet. But if you did read and enjoy Reality 36, there’s some special treats in here for you, including a little more information on the Five Crisis, and some other things that I will keep to myself for now.

The story has a somewhat unusual structure, as it begins as two stories – one set in the near future, the other in the far future – bridged by a series of short stories. What relevance the shorts have on the main plots will become clear as you read the book (at least, I fervently bloody hope so, or I’ve stuffed it up), but the idea is to  give you a rich reading experience covering tens of thousands of years of future Martian history.

As you can guess, the book is inspired to a degree by Ray Bradbury’s Martian Chronicles. Other ingredients in the stew are HP Lovercraft, William Hope Hodgson, H Rider Haggard, and of course, Michael Moorcock, whose work stands over mine like the Colossus of Rhodes. There’s no escaping that.

There’s a lot I want to say about this story, but perhaps we’ll save that for nearer the release date, which is, incidentally, 10th May 2012.

As a taster, here are the first two chapters as a simple word file. Fittingly, the first introduces the titular Champion, Yoechakenon Val Mora and his lover the spirit Kaibeli. In the second you will meet Dr John Holland, an exobiologist on the run from his past, and our hero in the near future segments.

Please bear in mind that as I post these chapters I am still writing the book (indeed, I have yet to write the finale). I have redrafted these chapters four times now, but there’ll doubtless be another pass. Furthermore, as yet they’ve had no editorial input, and no proofing. This means any errors are mine and mine alone, but also that, putting it concisely, the finished product may differ from that seen at this early outing.

Anyway, please let me know what you think! There are comment boards and everything here. Use them with abandon.

Champion of Mars free sample.

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