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Posted: November 16, 2011 in Features and opinion, Fiction, Interviews, Journalism, Random wifflings, Reviews

Hello! Many apologies for the long absence. I have been much occupied, first with writing Champion of Mars, then with the Mantic Journal 05. This will be the last magazine in this series in this format, but it will be living on in new form. Watch this space. Then, we’ve had child illnesses, dog training, a lack of childcare and parental visits. Dr Magnus raised a few eyebrows by pulling my son Benny all the way round Westonbirt Arboretum on his little trike when my folks were here. That was fun.

What I’ve been up to (list non-exhaustive)

I started my next book for the Black Library nine days ago. I don’t think I can tell you what it’s all about, but it contains an awful lot of goblins. This is due to be handed in by the end of January, and I think it’s coming on quite well. I’m looking good to hit my deadline comfortably . For once.

A Richards & Klein short story is underway! I’m halfway through. I’m actually going to try to place it with a short story magazine, but if this fails I’ll have it up here. It concerns Richards’ secretary Genie, a ghost, and a gunfight in an illegal fish and chip shop. Once that’s done I will write another, as I’d like to build up a collection of R&K cases.

I have written two features for the next SFX special. I don’t think the topic of the mag is public yet, but think spooky. One is a genuine account of a terrifying experience I had, and I look forward to sharing that with you even though it still gives me the collywobbles.

I’ve also been confirmed to attend the next SFX Weekender, which is shaping up to be the premier multi-media SF event in the UK. If you’re dithering about buying ticket, you now have a reason to come! (I say with ironic self-deprecation, naturally).

Inspired by the Game of Thrones TV series, I have begun the initial phase of plotting on a fantasy epic (stage 1: in my head). I may write a little diary thing on this if I get the time, and post samples and stuff of that ilk so you can see how it works. We’ll see.

I underwent many palpitations at filing my latest tax return, and at one moment looked to be stuck in a deadly mine cart screaming all the way down to the hells of penury. Luckily, I used my guile to escape. I’m guiled out, but I think I won’t go bankrupt. I am going to blog about this.

Lastly, I have taken the opportunity to update my site today. I promise I would. I’m only two weeks late, which seems to be about normal for me. Included for your excitement are:

An interview with Joanne Harris.

An interview with Robin Hobb.

A featurette on Flesh, the 2000 AD dino series, including a good chat with creator Pat Mills.

Several reviews, including one of Hyperdrive.

Magnus finally has his own page.

And my favourite, a rant about the infantilising effect of nostalgia in SF. Read that one, go on. I get mean.

  1. Hi Guy

    You say you’ve started your second book for BL?!?

    When’s the first one out and what’s it called? I couldn’t see it on the Coming Soon roster on the BL site.



    • guyhaley says:

      It’s a 40k title named Baneblade. It’s not got a slot in the schedule yet, even though I finished it in March! I know roughly when it’ll be out, and it’s not for a while. So you’ll not see either of them in the ‘coming soon’ section.

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