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Merry Christmas!

Posted: December 25, 2012 in Random wifflings

It’s Christmas. It’s been a tricky one, with my Christmas plans and intended trip back up to Yorkshire torpedoed, but we’re having a nice day anyway. I’d like to wish you all the very best for the day and for the coming year! Thanks especially to everyone who visits this blog, reads my articles or has bought my books. My wishes of good fortune are not restricted to those listed above, however, but freely given to everyone. Season of goodwill to all men, and all that.

Now, I’ve got a duck to roast (no turkey, there’s only the three of us here).


Very complimentary words on my Salamanders, Horus Heresy audio from a few days back, from Abhinav Jain here.

Hellboy says...

Hellboys says “Paint Ruglud’s Armoured Orcs! You’ve had them for six years, and you’ve got them out and everything.”

I can’t Hellboy, I can’t! I’m too busy, and my desk is a mess.

Jim Burns robot

Here’s a cool thing for a Tuesday, my very own Jim Burns illustration! Jim is one of the biggest names in traditional SF art, having painted covers for most of the genre’s leading lights at one time or another. I’m lucky enough to know Jim personally, and with whom I occasionally enjoy a pint. Quite by chance, he was commissioned to create this image for my first story in Interzone,” iRobot”. It’s in issue 244, out January. I’m very excited by Jim’s involvement, as many of his book covers adorned my shelves while I was a youth. Jim Burns, man, it’s Jim Burns!

I ride a flying dog

Posted: December 17, 2012 in Random wifflings
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I put this picture on Twitter and Facebook recently, but I’m so in love with it I’ve decided to put it up on here too. Taken by my friend Jan-Erik Posth (a nice German man married to a Swedish lady. He and I spend a good deal of time arguing about his belief in the imminent collapse of Western Civilisation), it shows me and my Malamute Magnus leaping over a puddle after yet another round of surface flooding a few weeks back. We’ve had rain floods all year in the UK. Magnus and I come home caked in mud every damn day, and the poor hound has to put up with the indignity of a good hosing before he can come into the house.

Looking at this image made me realise what a pleasure it is to have such a fine dog. Sure, he’s a massive pain sometimes, but the picture made me reflect on how much he’s changed these last two years, and how much more growing he has to do before he’s fully mature. Mentally, I add, at 48 kilos he’s as big as he’ll get physically, being neither particularly large nor particularly small for a British-born Mal.

The daily walk I have with Magnus is invaluable. It gets me my exercise and gets me out of the house for an hour,  where I tend to meet other human beings. Without him I’d be home alone for six hours, and with little adult company all day. He also does a fine job of pulling things along, including me on my bike, which is very exciting. So here’s to Doctor Magnus, without him I’d be a sight crazier.


September-november 106

I’ll be appearing at a several events next year. Details to follow in good time for most, but I can say for sure that I will be attending Black Library Live in Nottingham on 2nd March, and the second day of the Sci-Fi Weekender  near Pwllheli the following day (that’s 3rd March, obviously). Tickets and information and all that business are but a click of the links away.

Come along, have a chat. If you say nice things about my books, I may give you a hug or buy you a drink. Better yet, buy me a drink. I like that idea.