Seasons greetings all!

Yep, snow is falling on my blog. It looks like dandruff, but it is supposed to be snow. That means Christmas approaches, and so do many deadlines… Ulp.

But I’ve been so remiss in not blogging, so here’s a short message.

For your delectation today, I have three marvellous pieces of news. First, here’s the cover of The Crash, my second book for Solaris, out next June:


It’s a work in progress right now, but it’s nearly done, I think. For a description of the book, see my previous post.

Another announcement – I’ve been fortunate enough to have been asked to write a short story for the Black Library’s advent calendar this year! I can’t tell you what it is about, because it’s Christmas and Christmas is all about surprises, but I can tell you that it will be available on 17th December. Click on the link to find out more.

Lastly, if you go here to Whatever, John Scalzi’s blog, you can see me dance like a monkey on an electric wire (figuratively speaking), trying to get people to consider  Reality 36, Omega Point, and Champion of Mars as Christmas presents. You mean you hadn’t thought of that yourself? Then think about it. It’s a great idea. Really.

Ahem, I should mention that Mr Scalzi has thrown open his blog to all authors,  other books are available, and indeed, there are many other writers in the thread talking about their own books, many of which sound pretty damn fine.

If you’re a writer yourself, I heartily advise taking advantage of Scalzi’s generosity and join in the festive PR frenzy.

Later this week, I’ll be posting the cover for my next 40k book, The Death of Integrity.  Till then, stay frosty, it’s cold enough to do so, even if it is unfashionable to say so (at least it’s not raining any more here in England. And it has been raining ALL YEAR).

  1. Bix says:

    Very much looking forward to the unveiling of the cover for Death of Integrity; The Rite of Holos was a great read and I was just so hoping that it was referencing the Blood Drinkers most famous appearance in 40k, (well if you don’t include a rather badly injured Battle Brother being saved by some Imperial Fists after a tussle with a Titan, yes I’m old, I read Ian Watson’s Space Marine) and you did not disappoint.

    I’ve been a follower of the ‘Drinkers since the very first days of Rogue Trader, it’s great to see them finally getting some material of their own and from what I’ve read of your work thus far I feel you will do them every justice.

    If you’ll indulge a fanboy like question, your description of Sanguinary Master Teale as having a black cross painted over his face; did you envisage it as a marking for all Priests of the Chapter or particular to him? I’m interested in depicting it on my miniatures and would like to do my best to get it right.

    Many thanks


  2. guyhaley says:

    Hi there Bix,

    Thanks for that! I am really glad that you enjoyed the Rite of Holos! As my first published piece of BL fiction, I’m obviously eager for it to be well-received, so thanks for receiving it well. Job done!

    I’ll be putting up the coverfor the Death of Integrity tomorrow as promised. I hope you enjoy it too, it was great fun to write about a chapter that is… Ah, I can say no more. Plus, it has the Novamarines in it, who are one of my personal favourites. I’m thinking of doing a Space Marine army myself now, and I can’t decide between the two…

    In answer to your question, Teale’s black cross is a badge of his office – he’s the head Sanguinary Priest in the chapter, so only he wears it. At least in my head – in a hobby like ours, there is no right, only your interpretation of it.

    I imagine the other apothecaries have markings denoting their rank within this peculiarly Sanguinian suborder – perhaps a vertical stripe for your basic priest, and a black stripe covering the eyes for Teale’s deputies? Let me know what you decide on, and I might put it in my next Blood Drinkers story.

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