As I mentioned earlier this week, the cover for The Death of Integrity was revealed on Amazon a while back. Here it is, and very nice I think it is too. The warrior in the Terminator Armour is none other than Chapter Master Caedis of the Blood Drinkers, and yes, he’s chopping up a Genestealer.


The Death of Integrity is a Space Marines Battles book from the Black Library. It’ll be out next September (more or less), and features both the Novamarines and the Blood Drinkers. In the story, the two chapters scour a space hulk named, you guessed it, The Death of Integrity, so it’s kind of an unofficial Space Hulk book too. Cool eh? There’s plenty of goodies in there for Space Marine fans, not least the detailing of two whole chapters, low-g combat, and some other exciting elements that it would be a shame to reveal right now (and my lords and masters would send a Callidus assassin disguised as my dog to kill me).  Still, ask yourself why Caedis is not wearing red. It’s not as straightforward as you might think…

The book’s currently with the editors, so it’s close to being locked and loaded to be shot out of the big publishing lascannon for the end of next summer. It’s a long time away, no? Clever-clogs might realise that my Blood Drinkers short story, ‘The Rite of Holos’, is a prequel to the novel, so if you fancy reading about these lesser-known scions of Sanguinius taking apart a Genestealer cult in the meantime, it’s in Hammer and Bolter 24.

  1. Lord of the Night says:

    I’m gonna say it (Caedis’s armor) has something to do with their blood-drinking. Perhaps it’s that colour so that they can tell if a brother has succumbed to his thirsts, whereas with red armor they might not be able to tell so easily.

  2. Mortemer says:

    What coulour is his armour? It’s hard to make out.

      • Bix says:

        Hmm…Black, well there is of course the main reason for a Son of Sanguinius to sport black armour; which doesn’t bode well for the Chapter Master, but I see no red marks of death.

        Then there is always temping work with the Ordos Xenos, and that may mean that awfully big sword is a ‘special kind’ of relic blade; but would the Lord of San Guisuga be a part of a Death Watch tythe?

        See what you’ve done there Mr.Haley…hooked I tell ya!

  3. Bix says:

    Now there’s some ‘Bloody’ righteous fury made manifest! What an awesome cover (Jon Sullivan?),

    Not that I wasn’t already, but that’s got me seriously stoked; although September…*sighs*…oh well, as the little green dude from Dagobah once said, ‘Patience!’

    And as for Caedis not wearing red? Bait taken, let the pondering commence; could it be his Terminator Armour is back at the Chapter Forge for its centennial MOT? But seriously, that’s put a hook in me.

    Many thanks for your quick and kind reply to my post yesterday, very helpful and informative, I’m getting working off what you shared with me right away and will keep you posted. Thinking it’s got to be tattoos, Space Marines do so love their ritual markings.

    Also if you do start a marine army, you could always do a mix of Nova Marines and Blood Drinkers, the colour schemes really compliment each other and it would stave off painting fatigue. As I’ve, a literal meaning to the saying, seeing red.

    P.S. Would it be in order to promote the book cover on my Blog with a link back here?

    • guyhaley says:

      Please do! As for the markings, the Blood Drinkers only wear paint. Novamarines are your tattoo dudes!
      Good idea on the mixed units, too…

      • Bix says:

        Thanks again, Blog post will go up today and how right you are, (damn can’t believe I missed that, an error of schoolboy proportions) that also solves the problem of the mark changing for each rank; paint it is.

  4. Michael Grey says:

    Most. Kickarse. Cover. Ever. Looks awesome, you must be stoked.

  5. […] the beginning of December, I posted the cover to The Death of Integrity. The art, by Jon Sullivan, turned out to be only a […]

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