Dead robots

Posted: December 18, 2012 in Fiction, Random wifflings
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Jim Burns robot

Here’s a cool thing for a Tuesday, my very own Jim Burns illustration! Jim is one of the biggest names in traditional SF art, having painted covers for most of the genre’s leading lights at one time or another. I’m lucky enough to know Jim personally, and with whom I occasionally enjoy a pint. Quite by chance, he was commissioned to create this image for my first story in Interzone,” iRobot”. It’s in issue 244, out January. I’m very excited by Jim’s involvement, as many of his book covers adorned my shelves while I was a youth. Jim Burns, man, it’s Jim Burns!

  1. Jim Black says:

    I loved this story. My review is posted at

    Will you be writing more short stories in the near future? I plan on picking up your “Champion of Mars” this week.

    • guyhaley says:

      Thanks very much for the nice review! A comparison to Roger Zelazny is a great way to start the week.

      I will be writing more original short stories when I can fit them in around my other writing, and I have a number of shorts coming out for Games Workshop’s Black Library which you might check out if you’re a Warhammer fan.

      There a a number of older free short stories in my “Fiction” drop-down menu at the top there, as well as a couple in the Richards & Klein sub-category. If you go to I have several shorts for sale too. These aren’t free, but only cost pennies.

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