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Posted: April 8, 2013 in Journalism
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I’ve been lax about blogging recently, even laxer about trying to archive all my old material. So lax, in fact, that I’ve generated more new stuff in the last six months than I have posted. But it’s because I have been working very hard. Honest! (But that’s what I always say, isn’t it?) Work’s slowing just a touch, so I’ve resolved to soldier on with posting. It’s my fervent wish to turn this blog into The Great Library of Guy. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll succeed.

Today’s offerings come from Death Ray issue 8, and a very early blog to promote the same.

They are:

A blog so old it’s called a webblog. In it, commentary on Stephen Baxter’s awesome book, Evolution.

A review of bizarre 1970s hoax programme, Alternative 3.

A review of the even more bizarre (and deliciously terrifying) 1970s SF series, Sapphire and Steel.

And an interview with Sapphire and Steel‘s creator, PJ Hammond.


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