Posted: April 19, 2013 in Fiction, The Black Library
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Man, I totally forgot to tell you about “Stormlord”, it’s been a busy week what with finishing the final draft of Crash of and all.

To tie-in with the release of Baneblade, “Stormlord” is a standalone short story about another big Warhammer 40,000 tank. I decided to keep the tales quite closely linked, so although this particular battle takes place on another world, with another Imperial Guard army group, it’s set contemporaneously with Baneblade (more or less, you know what warp travel’s like). The story features another regiment of Paragon, and concerns a relative of Colaron Bannick (the protagonist of Baneblade). To whit, what happens to a young nobleman whose cousin causes a massive scandal at home? Nothing good, I assure you. Jonas Bannick didn’t even want to join the guard, let alone end up with an infantry regiment, but he had very little choice.

Who knows, maybe I’ll write a story about them meeting. I suspect Jonas Bannick might punch Colaron Bannick right on the hooter.

Anyway, the Stormlord is my favourite Imperial super-heavy tank model; a squat, bulky beast of a thing with a massive cannon on the front and a huge transport bay to get that cannon fodder… I mean, brave warriors of the Imperium, right into the fray. And that’s exactly what happens in the story, as a trio of these steel monsters storm a system of heavy defences protecting a defence laser. “Stormlord” was released on Monday as part of The Black Library’s ongoing “Digital Monday” series. It’s a mere £1.50. If you like it, hurrah! — there are more to come.


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