Good day!

New boxes!

Foam, glorious foam. Note the top container. Real Orks keep their heaviest tanks in “Sensitive” wet wipe boxes. Who’s going to laugh?

I had the great privilege of being at Salute this weekend with The Black Library. I’ve wanted to go forever. As usual, I got to meet a load of really nice readers, and got some pleasing feedback on Baneblade. Thanks to everyone that came and said hello.

Being the huge old wargames nerd that I am I got very excited about being there, and I did not disappoint myself with the amount of money I spent (horrify, would probably be apt). My purchases included some super new figure cases from KR Cases. This ingenious storage solution consists of tough cardboard outers filled with figure hugging soft foam (the kind that hugs goblins, not hourglass ladies’ shapes), and a series of cool bags that you can slip the boxes in and out of (I went for a pouch-festooned backpack). Cardboard isn’t as crap as it sounds — remember they used to make suitcases out of this stuff. KR’s cardboard is super dense, and wax-coated. You can get an awful lot into those boxes, and I’m glad I got them as I was sick of my Ork army falling to pieces every time I took it anywhere. Still, it’s a big army. The three boxes below hold about three fifths of it. I’ve a Citadel case full of grots and boys, and a fighter bomber that need accommodating, along with a defence line, quad gun, and a massive Battlewagon I built out of an old Forgeworld Battlewagon, with fixings and turrets from the new(er) Citadel one. It’s quite special, and I’ll show it off when it’s done.

SAGABut, at £25 per case (including foam) and with no postage, it’s not entirely daunting to consider getting some more. I might even shift over the rest of my collection to KR. I sincerely recommend it. My thanks to Carl from the Independent Characters podcast for doing the hard sell. I nearly went for Battlefoam (I already have some, so feel comfortable making the comparison), but KR is cheaper, the foam is softer and, at least at this early stage, seems a bit more versatile.

My other purchases were a couple of books. I’ve been getting excited about The Lord of The Rings/The Hobbit strategy game recently, and got myself the Mordor army list to read on the train (bought in GW Bath, but it still counts toward the overall weekend spend). Skirmishing is where it’s at for me, as it means I can paint some different models and have a cool force on the table without investing half my life in painting an entirely new army. So, having a ton of Gripping Beast Dark Ages miniatures anyway (as well as some Wargames Foundry, and a healthy number of ancient Perry twins Citadel Vikings), after seeing a demo I thought I’d give their wargame scale SAGA game a go.

Vikings 005

Does this mean we get to come out and play again finally?

The system doesn’t rely on differences between troops so much as other systems do — all the factions basically have three grades of warriors that use the same stats (with minor differences). That kind of makes sense, as in that period everyone used similar equipment, and so there are also no real army lists either. The tactical wrinkles are in the unique orders system for each side presented on card “battleboards”. By rolling six special dice you generate various symbols that can be spent to give basic orders to your men or to employ their special talents.  As far as I can tell, it’s got a really smooth, clean play style, and I’m very much looking forward to giving it a try. My only grumble was that at £25 for a slender rulebook, it’s very steeply priced, so much so I spent the whole day debating whether to get it. I certainly didn’t buy the dice sets, which for my two forces of Saxons and Vikings would have come in at a whopping additional £24 for 16 cubes of plastic. If I enjoy SAGA I’ll probably invest as using regular dice — which you can — might get annoying. I can’t help it.

  1. redfox4242 says:

    Sounds like you had a great time! I happy for you. 🙂

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