That got your attention, no? And well it should. Some of my favourite interviews I’ve conducted have been with people who are not primarily connected with SF (probably because it made a change from chatting to actors). This one from 2007 with Nick Pope, the ex-MoD man who used to investigate UFOs for the UK government, was really fascinating.

Yeah, it’s an archive post, but it’s a good one. Promise.

  1. AJ says:

    Now that’s what I call cool 😀

  2. Michael Grey says:

    Interesting read, thanks Guy.

    It would be short sighted in the extreme to say we’re alone in the galaxy, and anyone who knows the slightest sliver about astronomy will know that complex life elsewhere is almost a mathematical certainty, but the neckbeards who go around insisting the government have a working deathstar on the dark side of the moon are doing nothing but giving the serious side of the science a goofy edge which does nothing but harm its image in the media.

    Also, the UK government can’t even get tax law to work, how the hell could they hope to so with a deathstar?

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