A weekend treat

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Fiction
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Hey chaps, I noticed yesterday that the kindle version of Champion of Mars is available for a mere £3.08 on UK Amazon, and $4.77 on US Amazon. Obviously I’d recommend it, as it’s my book, but the price really is low right now, so if you fancy something a little bit different for your Bank Holiday weekend read (okay, holidays in the UK only, but you know), then check it out. Not convinced yet? Here’s a reminder of what the Guardian said about it.

Maybe one more reminder of this tomorrow, then I promise I’ll go back to standing aloof from the grubby business of commerce, like a proper author should. That’s what it says I should do in my artistes’ handbook anyway, but I might be wrong. It’s stained with absinthe, cigarillo burns and something else that looks really icky, and is written in French.


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