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Posted: May 8, 2013 in Gaming
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After some more fiddling about, I took these pictures of some Ork Nobs I painted a few months ago for my (still unfinished) nob squad. General photo lessons — more light, and a tripod. I may construct a lightbox. Still, I’m getting there.

Camera 010

My Waaagh! Banner nob is made up of bits from the old metal and new plastic nobs boxed sets. I need to get another light source, and a better backdrop.

Orksz 004

One of my favourite models. I’m amazed by the versatility of some of GW’s modern kits. With this one, I sorted out the background (more or less, it’s my sofa in my office), but I still need more light. And the angle’s all screwy, as I haven’t got a tripod. Need to fix that.

Orksz 006

A bit out of focus, and still needing more light. Although my Speed Freeks are Evil Suns in the main, I do plan to add another unit of shoota boys from the Bad Moons clan. It stands to reason that nobs from most of the ork households in a tribe would end up in the nobs mob, no matter their genetically predetermined clan affiliation. If I drop the background chunter and be honest, I actually just fancied a change from painting red!

  1. Ben Stewart says:

    I like the Bad Moon chap, but that middle one is just all kinds of excellent. Ace pose, nice use of different kits and a very good paint job to boot.

  2. Ben Stewart says:

    It does indeed. Almost enough to make me think about giving orks a go myself.

    Almost. But not quite.

  3. redfox4242 says:

    I enjoy seeing these pictures of your models. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

  4. Dave Allen says:

    “no matter their genetically predetermined clan affiliation”

    I think it’s rresumptuous of you to assume the nature/nurture debate is settled on the issue.

  5. […] be the long nights or something. Last winter/spring it was Deffkoptas, a Dakkajet, and a bunch of nobs. Next I plan to do a Forgeworld anti-aircraft gun and some Ork barricades (I got them just before […]

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