Photographing miniatures

Posted: May 8, 2013 in Gaming, Random wifflings
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I’ve been most vexed by photographs recently. I’ve painted some great models and I’ve had a fair few people asking me to share, but my pictures are rubbish. So I emailed top photo dude Glenn More at White Dwarf for some tips, and he sent me this really useful link that tells you how to do it properly. He also gave me some advice regarding camera equipment I’m too poor to act on for the time being.

However, by hamfistedly following his tips using a not-great automatic, a lamp, a box, and an Orc and Goblin army book for a stand, I managed to take this picture of my recently finished Mordor Troll (note, it’s a nice paint job but I foolishly cut off the side bars to his helmet, thinking it was flash. D’oh). Not bad, and a definite improvement on the blurry nonsense I used to come up with. It’s a bit out of focus and on the yellow side, but I’ll sort that once I’ve tracked down the manual to my camera.

I have a troll!

I have a troll!

  1. redfox4242 says:

    Your troll is spectacular! Great painting. 😀

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