Welcome, O Son of Haleys

Posted: May 23, 2013 in Random wifflings

Edward - one day old

This isn’t just a random picture of any old baby, looking simultaneously freshly minted and as ancient as time itself as they all seem to, but a special picture of my new nephew!

Edward Haley was born on Monday of this very week to my brother Garth’s wife Rebecca. A healthy 8oz 2lbs, and fairly chilled looking.

If I recall correctly, my brother had a teddy bear called Edward when we were very little. He must really love that name. And why not? Tis a name fit for kings.

This is the third addition to my family’s new generation. I have four brothers (no sisters), and thus far all three of our offspring are sticking true to past form and insisting on being male. As the eldest, I figured I better sire mine first, but my brother Tristan (number three in the running order) broke the chain early on whenhis wife had their son Mason before Garth (number two) and Rebecca had Edward.

At this rate, we’ll soon have filled the world with our progeny, making of our father a latter-day Gengis Khan (at least in the number of descendants stakes). It’s like that Philip K Dick Story, “The Golden Man”. Be afraid, be very afraid.

  1. redfox4242 says:

    Your nephew Edward looks very cute!

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