Good tech, bad tech, pigs, Live4

Posted: May 30, 2013 in Features and opinion, Journalism
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Here’s a post to notify you of my latest blog for Live4, a basic guide to self-publishing.

I run hot and cold on the digital revolution. Hot because it’s all very exciting and is changing the world in many ways for the better, cold because I suspect that as our successive industrial revolutions reach their logical end, the downside of it all is that I’ll have to live like a medieval peasant or, at best, some kind of hippy. One with internet access, but a peasant nonetheless. In a hut.

Funny really, I’ve long agreed with said hippies that we live unsustainable lifestyles, and even flirted with the non-barefoot, non-kaftan-wearing aspects of their ways, but now my comfy, comfy first-world, Earth-burning life is under threat, I’m a tad annoyed, and I find myself quite the hypocrite.

But man, I got so sick of mucking those pigs out in the rain last year, can you blame me? Three years in a pig co-op, I did try, but have decided against raising my own pork chops in 2013. One of the main reasons being that it cost roughly £130 to raise, slaughter and butcher each pig. Far cheaper than buying the meat in a shop, but I discovered one can buy a ready-deady piggy carcass for about the same amount, and without all the work.  Even so, I fulfilled my main objective – to raise an animal, see it killed, then eat it. I figured if couldn’t do that, what right did I have eating meat, yeah? Dammit, I’m a hippy in denial.

At least I have the choice for the time being, eh? That’ll probably change.

It’s not only me with the concerns. Check out this piece by a proper techie, Jaron Lanier for the digi-flipside. He tells us why he thinks why free information and advanced tech is immediately beneficial, but perhaps not so much in the long run for we little people. Lanier’s article articulates some of my fears about the concentration of wealth in the hands of a technocracy/plutocracy, fears that form the basis of my latest novel Crash. See, I’m running cold today (although not too cold to plug my book). I’ll change my mind tomorrow, no doubt.

Anyway. My latest Live4 blog, from a day I was running hot on the glorious prospects of the future.


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