A few Baneblade reviews

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Fiction, The Black Library
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I’m very tired today, having been up in Yorkshire celebrating my 40th birthday. Yeah, FORTY. Now I feel… Not old exactly, but well on the way to it. Still, lots of fun, and my lovely family all clubbed together to buy me an iPad, so I am at least still “down” with the “kids” or whatever the youth of today say.

Reviews for Baneblade are beginning to multiply. Here’s one from The Founding Fields, and another from Grogheads. Reviews thus far have generally been positive. Apart from this one by MegaV at Imperator guides.

Now, every book gets reviewed badly by at least somebody. Reading’s a personal thing. In my time I’ve given low scores to books that thousands of others like, and vice versa. Sometimes, I’ve been quite hard on a book. Bad reviews, as I’ve said before, are as useful to a writer as good ones. More useful, if it’s a well-written, critically insightful review. I’ve learned a lot from mine.

And usually, responding to bad reviews is a bad idea, but when someone’s calling you “f*&kface” simply because they don’t like your book, well, that’s not cricket really. I was annoyed enough to mention it, let’s put it like that.  Also, I’d be really excited to attend one of MegaV’s gaming sessions, as they must have really huge battles with hundreds of tanks on each side. Mine, alas, are slightly more modest.

  1. Greg says:

    I’ve commented elsewhere on the MegaValhalla review so I won’t repeat myself here but suffice it to say I wouldn’t qualify it as a review, more someone being deliberately offensive because they think that it really IS big and/or clever.

    Your attitude towards negative reviews is good to see – every writer can always improve somehow and it’s the great ones that are comfortable in openly acknowledging that fact.

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