Caring for Your Introvert – Atlantic Mobile

Posted: June 10, 2013 in Random wifflings
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Caring for Your Introvert – Atlantic Mobile.

The link above takes you to a great article. My wife is an introvert, and I drive her insane. I talk less than I used to, but by most people’s standards, I talk too much. She thought I should read it, as apparently I get introverts all wrong. (My wife emailed me the link, by the way, rather than telling me the contents).

Although I fully appreciate Mr Rauch’s points, I do find working with introverts frustrating sometimes, and have been dismayed in the past that they often get left behind if their opinions are not directly and frequently solicited in group situations, something I’ve always endeavoured to do, because, you know, they’re usually pretty clever people.  But as I said to my wife one day, “What drives me mad about introverts is that to get them to contribute, you have to chase them into a corner and poke them with a pitchfork until they vomit up their ideas.”

Mr Rauch sounds like that more self-assured form on introvert. I have worked less frequently with them, and when I have, they have been my boss.

Despite what the article says, most introverts I know are shy. My wife’s often suffered from being judged arrogant. She has been known to actually back away from a jabbering extrovert. Really she’s just worried about seeming dull (a worry I wish some extroverts I know were afflicted with), so she doesn’t do smalltalk; a shame, as she’s very funny, clever, and has led a very interesting life. Getting her to a party is as much effort, and as delicate an operation, as saving a beached whale (she’s not the same size, she’s gorgeously slender. I mean… I hope you know what I mean. More to the point, I hope she knows what I mean).

But perhaps that’s only because my wife, and other introverts, feel like they’re not living up to society’s extrovert-imposed cultural standards. Basically, we’ve screwed them all up by making them play our game and not theirs. So I propose a global Introverts Day, like we have for lots of kinds of at-risk and oppressed minorities. One day to think on introverts and their unreadable, closed faces and cautious ways.

After all, we’ll still have 364 days left to talk about ourselves.

  1. Matt Keefe says:

    I’m still not sure how you tell an introvert from any other Swede.

    This didn’t turn into the unholy rant about gamers I was expecting.

    • guyhaley says:

      This is how you tell: Drunk Swedish extroverts talk more. Trust me, even for a Swede she’s pretty introverted.

      Do reckon gamers are introverted?

  2. Matt Keefe says:

    “Do reckon gamers are introverted?”

    See, it’s rubbing off. That sentence is so introverted it couldn’t even bring itself to use a second person pronoun.

  3. Matt Keefe says:

    And, no, I don’t think gamers are especially introverted; I think gamers represent a variety of personality types, though perhaps with some minority personality types over-represented, and the tendency, as in everything, of the most extreme to come to the fore makes that a defining characteristic. As we all know having sit in front of a sweaty wall of Games Day more than once.

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