The King of Black Crag – new BL story

Posted: June 11, 2013 in Fiction, Gaming, The Black Library
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Today I bring you a link to “The King of Black Crag”, a companion story to my upcoming Goblin extravaganza, Skarsnik. Here’s what the Black Library say about it on their website:

While Skarsnik cements his position as Warlord of the Eight Peaks, a rival broods in the nearby fortress of Black Crag. Gorfang Rotgut, the infamous Troll-Eater, sits uneasily on his throne, unsure whether the upstart night goblin is potential ally or the deadliest of foes. Desperate to discover the truth, Gorfang sets off on a quest to visit the shaman Zarrgakk, whose wisdom will decide the matter. And any dangers that lie in Gorfang’s path will just have to hope that the orc warlord is in a good mood…

The story, about Gorfang and his hapless Overrunt Gabble came out yesterday for BL’s Digital Monday. I enjoyed writing “The King of Black Crag” immensely, and so I recommend it even more than I normally would (what with me having written it and everything, you kind of have to expect that).

  1. Redleg says:

    Gorfang is one of my old-timey faves, so it’s good to see ‘im gettin’ sum attenshun again. I choose to take this story as proof that a new Gorfang model is coming out. Thanks, Guy!

    • guyhaley says:

      I like him too! I’m not aware of any new model, sadly, because I’d love to buy one myself!

      • Tj jackso says:

        Hope that you see my 1st comment about searching for a hard copy version. Would love to conversate with you and pick your brain on the subject Orcs

  2. Simon says:

    And then came mr. king of dwarves,Thorgrim…… damn Vetock!

  3. Tj jackso says:

    I just found your books and i cannot wait to read them! I love using Orcs in Blood bowl 2 so i figured that i should read some books about them and fully immerse myself. Im trying to find a hard copy of The King of Black Crag but i cannot seem to find one?

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