I’ve been busy. Grim dark futures (where there is only war) and coffee table books dominate my life at the moment, so I’ve not put any archive posts up for a few weeks. But I must soldier on! Soon I will be cutting and pasting my bits of Death Ray 17 onto this very blog, after which there are only four issues to go before I’m done. Admittedly, there are sundry other pieces from earlier issues — like interviews with Terry Pratchett and Raymond E Feist — to commit to an eternity upon the web. Yeah, I’m sure you’re interested in those, but they’re massive and so take ages to format, that’s why they’re still in a folder on my hard drive. I promise I’ll get around to it. And don’t worry if you’ve a thing for my incisive commentary on ancient SF obscurities, once Death Ray is exhausted I’ve three years worth of SFX reviews, interviews and features to get on with.

Today we have:

A review of the beautiful but tedious live-action version of Mushishi.

Wildly crap Billy Zane SF-thriller Memory.

Top YA author Darren Shan’s adult horror novel Procession of the Dead.

A book on horror films called Horror Films.

And an interview with the lovely Jonathan Walker, who played Rankol in the SciFi Channel’s not-so-lovely 2007 version of Flash Gordon.


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