Three more! I seem to be doing this in threes. I’m not sure if that’s a good idea or a bad one. If I add one piece to this blog, it takes me so little time I always feel I should do more. If I get to three, it takes so much time it puts me off doing it regularly, but two is a nowhere number. What’s a brace of reviews in the infinite gabbletude of the internet? Three has mythic power.

This is all work avoidance, you understand.

Up fresh today, all from early 2009’s Death Ray 17:

The Taint and Other Novellas, by Brian Lumley. A collection of Cthulhu-mythos terror tales.

Joe Ahearne’s Apparitions, where a good priest tackles the Church and the devil.

And Sam Raimi’s pretty poor Legend of the Seeker, an early attempt of epic fantasy at conquering TV, failing where Game of Thrones would one day succeed.


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