Thor’s Day Bonanza

Posted: June 20, 2013 in Fiction, Interviews, Random wifflings, The Black Library

I’ve a few things to share today, so I’m going to link up, and you may click if you wish.

ENGAGING LINK-A-TRONIC (there are far fewer big buttons connected to crackling devices than I expected in the future. This is in some ways a shame, but then I don’t need an underground base full of minions to post this blog, which I would have had the sixties vision of now come to pass. I’d be wearing a jumpsuit too. I’m not, by the way. Really not).

I appear magically on two blogs at the same time today, like some kind of cyber-wizard, banging the drum for Crash, my latest original SF novel. Behold! Words on the eminent Chuck Wendig’s Terrible Minds, and on the very lovely SF Signal. I tried to make each one sufficiently different from each other so that, should you choose to read the pair, you won’t get bored (guarantees not guaranteed). There’s stuff about writing there in fair amount if that’s your thing, as well as the lowdown on the book —  in brief: spaceships, colonies, crashes and weird alien ecosystems ahoy.

The pieces are there because Crash is out next week. But, just hang on a minute, what’s this? Skarsnik is out today? [Rushes off to check] My lord, so it is. 90% of the time, I have no idea what’s going on. I’m confusticated by the labours of fatherhood. Seriously, small children steal your power. It’s how they go from tiny to big. I willingly give up the last shreds of my youth to feed the growth of my boy, though.

No matter how much you love your offspring, you need the old batteries recharging from time to time. I’m getting a break from my highly energetic son this weekend, as I’m off to Dublin for The Black Library Live. My travels begin this very eve. I hope to see some of you there to talk about big tanks, and goblins, and other Warhammer-y things.

And oh yes, there will be Guinness…

  1. Matt Keefe says:

    I don’t know, I always thought the success of the onesie was pretty much the reality of the jumpsuit’s expected triumph.

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