Neal Asher and others

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Archive posts, Interviews, Journalism, Reviews
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Good day. On the site today are a number of Death Ray 17 pieces from early 2009, including:

An interview with Neal Asher, an author whose books I enjoy immensely, and whose career I helped, apparently, by publishing a very positive review of his small-press book The Engineer way back in my earliest of early SFX days. The interview, originally published in Death Ray alongside one of his short stories, has been digified and linkificated, so you can find you way to reviews of three of his books on this site too.

One of those reviews is freshly wordpressed today, The Gabble, a collection of short stories.

And finally, a short review of a DVD of Jeff Wayne’s superlative The War of the Worlds.

  1. ethanreilly says:

    Hey Guy, enjoying the blog as always and still waiting with anticipation for Death of Integrity.
    If you’re interested, I just posted a mammoth article on Alexander the Great at my own blog, I love history as much as I love sci-fi, and I usually find one informs the other. Anyway, it’d be great to know what you think. Cheers.

    • guyhaley says:

      Hey Ethan,

      I love history too – I did my degree in it. Alexander the Great is a fascinating character. I had a quick look, it’s a fine overview. Great pictures too!

      Sorry I didn’t reply straight away, as I’ve been really busy.

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