Morning, another quick one today. I’ve had a couple of mostly pleasing reviews for “Engine of Mork”, my ork digital short written and released to celebrate the new Warhammer 40,000: Apocalypse.

Here’s one by Stuart Edney, on his blog, The Collect Call of Cthulhu (made me chuckle that). Thanks.

This one on Fifty Shades of Geek is also very nice. However, I take issue with one point. The review (and editor’s coda) say they’re surprised that BL did an ork story, surprised it worked so well, surprised I fitted a three act structure into a short, surprised by the way I had the orks speaking and the editor is surprised at his own reaction to the story, which is that he’d now happily read an ork novel. And yet, the tale is very gently criticised for the narrative not being surprising enough! You want all that, and, what, twists?! in 10,000 words…? I’m only human. Sheesh. ; )

Alright, alright. Twists next time. I promise.

Further commentary on my work: a review of “The Shards of Erebus” within the context of a review for Mark of Calth, also on Fifty Shades, and a review for “Iron Harvest”, the Baneblade follow-up short on… Fifty Shades of Geek! Thanks for reviewing like, all my stuff guys, it really is tremendously helpful, and what you write is well-considered.

Lastly, and in a change from BL fiction, another positive review of Crash on It’s a good week, really.


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