SFX’s review of Crash

Posted: July 28, 2013 in Fiction
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By golly, it’s a good one – four stars, no less, written by Damien G Walter (you may know of him; he writes a column on SF, the other “weird fiction” genres and general matters literary for The Guardian). Here is the review in a PDF reconstruction of its natural environment:

SFX238 crash review

And here are just the words:

The title of Guy Haley’s new science fiction novel is loaded with a triple meaning. The crash of the ESS Adam Mickiewicz on an alien planet. The crash of civilisation as the human colonists aboard the ship turn on one another. And the crash of an economic system, much like the troubled capitalist system most of us are trapped inside today. Crash has something to say about all of these, and Haley is an author with a growing voice.

Last year’s Champion of Mars showcased Haley’s love of pulp-era SF, but here we have a much harder edged, conceptually driven sci-fi vision. It concerns Dariusz, a washed-up engineer at the end of his career, and Cassandra, a rebellious space pilot hungry for adventure. Along with a half-million other humans, they’re on the cutting edge of space exploration. But in Haley’s world humans aren’t boldly going for any higher purpose than profit. The “Pointers”, the 0.01 per cent of humans who control virtually all wealth, are desperate to maintain their dominance, but must escape Earth’s limited resources to do so.

Science fiction is never a genre to shy away from politics, but in Crash Haley manages an up-to-the-minute critique of the contemporary political and economic situation, wrapped inside a tense survival story; he’s emerging as one of the bright stars of SF writing. Damien Walter

  1. TheSGC says:

    I just picked up Death of Integrity, and finished it. Wanted to stop by and say that it was fucking awesome. Loved it. IMO you stayed away from the pitfalls of space hulk ZOMG GENESTEALERS AGAIN trap that others fall into, plus the stuff on the Blood Drinkers was pretty awesome. No spoilers here, but really nice work with the novel. Can’t wait to see what your next project is.

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