A few good links

Posted: September 24, 2013 in Features and opinion
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I was going to tweet these one by one, but stuff that. Have ’em in a rush:

Chuck Wendig makes a plea for revolutionising publishing. He is a wise, if sweary, man.

Some great tips on making your website more productive if you’re an author (or, I should imagine, if you have anything at all to “sell”, even for free, like book reviews or a jolly podcast) from Bookmarketology. While you’re at it, sign up for their twitter feed @Bookmarketology and  their newsletter. That Darren Turpin over there, he is also a wise man (and not as sweary as Chuck, but then, who is?).

Lastly, here’s a fascinating BBC article on Valve, the games producer, which has a flat hierarchy. I’ve a raging rant in my brain  about management structures in modern companies, which I often give vent to in the pub, and may or may not unleash here, depending on how much wine and time I have (here’s a big hint as to how I feel about it: There’s a reason why I work on my own in an attic). Anyway, this is an intriguing alternative to the current “me boss (and probable psychopath), me earn millions; you peon, you earn diddly squat” way of doing things.


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