Games Day: The aftermath

Posted: September 30, 2013 in The Black Library
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Yesterday I was at Games Day, the first one I’ve been to for a few years, and the first I’ve attended as a Black Library author (I tried to figure out how many I’d been to in total. Around ten, I think, including a couple back in the 1980s). I heard a lot of kind words about my work and that really does swell the old authorial ego. Another author might say that the quiet satisfaction of putting words on a page is enough. Bunkum! I say. Like all entertainers, writers are show offs, so thanks for helping me feed my pathology. It keeps me off the streets.

I did do my Horus Heresy seminar in the end, by the way, and this time I did have something to say, much to my surprise. The fear of messing up is receding. I suppose I’ll be doing some more of those, then.

I’ll be at the Black Library weekender 2-3rd November. I am very much looking forward to that.

Oh, and I didn’t buy anything. I didn’t get finished until 3.30pm, by which time the store part had closed up for the day! I was most miffed, although my wife was pleased. (Never mind, I’ll be off to the store in town for those Morgul Knights…)


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