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Posted: October 13, 2013 in Fiction
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I’ve got some great news. I’m taking part in the launch of a new app for smartphones called Boosh. It’s short for “Book Share”, because that’s what it does.

The inability to share ebooks is the major drawback to this new(ish. It seems like epub has been around forever, but in the grand story of paper, it’s still pretty new, really) medium. We authors thrive on the sharing of our work, through libraries or from friend to friend. And although there are, ahem, illegal methods to do this, the jury’s out on whether or not piracy benefits authors or not (nutshell: we don’t see any money at all for illegally shared books, which in the worst case scenario can prevent us from writing as we all have bills. On the other hand, it exposes us to a potentially much larger audience who *might* make a purchase. I go from rantingly against, through ambivalent, to cautiously positive about it). But also, I think most people who might want to share a book with their friends would rather do it legally.

Anyway, here’s the lowdown on Boosh. Firstly, it’s an app that is designed to make reading your book on your phone easy as pie. Secondly, it’s rather like streaming a pay-per-view film off the internet, in that you “pay per read”. The read costs less, of course, but you don’t get to keep it once you are done. However, if you do want the book for your library, Boosh allows you to upgrade your read to a purchase of a dead-tree copy.

Thing is, you can also pass on a copy of your read to a friend – after you’ve read it, or even while you’re reading it, if you want to read along together – who gets to read it FOR FREE.

It’s all done through Facebook, so you need a Facebook account. You also need the Boosh app. This will ask to access all your friends, as these things always do, it has to do that in order to allow the sharing thing to work. (Note, this is the Android version, the iOS 7 variety is coming soon).

To kick this all off, Angry Robot are giving away 1,000 copies of Reality 36, the first book in my near-future detective series, Richards & Klein (click the name for free stories, downloads, timelines and background information). What you need to do is stupefyingly simply: go to my official Facebook page, and click “like”. If you’ve got Boosh, you’ll be able to download it rightaway. If not, you’ll be prompted to get Boosh. It’s all pretty painless (I have been assured). You get a free book to read, and after you, so does your friend. Cool, eh?

For the time being, it’s Android only, UK and Ireland only, but it’ll soon be on Android and iOS7, and all over the globe.

Here it is again in big, red letters:


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