Podcast interview, mostly concerning goblins

Posted: October 14, 2013 in Fiction, The Black Library
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Happy Mondays!

Last week I did an interview with Combat Phase, mainly about Skarsnik. So, if you want to hear me talk (and I warn you, I talk a lot) about writing about goblins, go here. AFTERNOON UPDATE: The link works now;  a technical hitch their end, so sorry about that if you were wanting to listen.

  1. Michael Grey says:

    Awesome interview Guy, thank you for sharing. On you’re writing you said it takes around 10 weeks to write a BL novel. Could I ask if you plan each novel out? And if you do, down to what level of detail?

    Sorry about the info seeking question, I’m just really nosey and have no shame.

    • guyhaley says:

      Hello Michael.

      No problem. I’m actually – when I get a spare moment – going to do a series of blogposts which address the most common questions I get asked about writing. I’ll add that to the list, as I’ve been asked it several times now. The short answers though are: Mostly, but not always, and it varies.

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