Here’s some further burbling verbiage from the mouth of yours truly: Episode 87 of The Independent Characters. In this thrilling installment of Carl and Geoff’s excellent podcast, I join them for their Forbidden Lore segment, wherein I talk very much about The Death of Integrity. They liked it, so it was plain sailing for me, and I got to speak about some of the themes and ideas I tried to address in the novel. If you’re interested in what goes on in an author’s head (well, I can only vouch for my own head) while they’re writing, check it out.

And, seeing as it’s pertinent to the matter in hand, here’s a reminder that there’s another recent interview with me, conducted by Kenny Lull at Combat Phase, where I talk about creating a world full of goblins in Skarsnik.

  1. cvtuttle says:

    And might I say – what great fun it was to have you on the Podcast again sir!

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