Get Reality 36 for free, for iOS!

Posted: November 27, 2013 in Fiction, Random wifflings
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I’m doing this thing, you know, with clever techie people who do real stuff and not make nonsense up like I do for a living. They’re called Boosh, “Book Share”, see ? Now that’s clever in itself, but it’s not the really clever bit. As I wrote here, and I’ll repeat for those who can’t be bothered to click on the link, their app is designed for two great purposes. Number One, to allow you to read books easily upon an e-reader you probably didn’t know you had, to wit, your phone. Number Two, you can share your book with your buddies. When you buy a book on Boosh, it costs less, because you’re buying a license, not the product. Think of it like streaming movies on Netflix, but with books, you with me?

As part of this fine new idea, I’m involved in a promotion. That’s right, tou can have one of my books, Reality 36, absolutely for free, and share it with your pals. My previous post announced this tip-top deal for Android system users. Well, guess what? (Hint: it’s in the title). It’ll work on iOS now too! So, if you’ve either an Apple phone or an Android one, and you want a copy of this fine piece of near-future robot detective fiction, go to my official Facebook page, and click “like”. The marvels of the internet age should do the rest for you by directing you to the appropriate version of the (free, did I say free) app which will get you your free (did I mention this?) book.

  1. redfox4242 says:

    Haha! I already bought Reality 36. I already read it. If you ever get a chance to write another Richards and Klein novel I will definitely buy it. I think I have all the Richards and Klein stuff that you have ever written. I got Reality 36 and I bought Omega Point. I have this other novella short story that was given away free. I forget the title of it. I was about this ghost “program” that was a version of a deceased woman.

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