Clickety click

Posted: March 14, 2014 in Random wifflings

This morning I have mostly been mucking around with HTML. I have never, ever done this before. My interaction with it has been much along the lines of a small child playing tentatively with Duplo bricks for the very first time.

I’ve been adding more functionality to this here blog, including Goodreads buttons for my books, a Facebook “Like” for my author page (if you do “like” it, you can still get free copies of Reality 36, by the way) and other such clicky things. You’ll also notice that I have removed my links to other pages. This is not because I don’t care or have fallen out with all the folks listed there, rather my sidebar was getting very crowded, and a lot of the links were out of date. As I don’t have the hours available to update them all, it seemed an easy thing to drop. A big “soz” to all those whose links were still functioning, I am sure you can live for the time being without the torrent of clickthroughs this site was providing. (NB, this is sarcasm, they all probably got one or two).

That is all. I need to do some writing of fiction and that.

  1. binkythebomb says:

    It always nice to play about with the gizmos and gadgets on a website. I tend to play about with my own every few months just to check out the features they seem to come out with.

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