Horus Heresy weekend fun!

Posted: March 28, 2014 in The Black Library

A very quick post here to say that I will be at the Horus Heresy Weekender on 17-18 May in Nottingham. This is my first attendance at such, but I was at the last Black Library Weekender and that was pretty damn cool, so I expect much of the same this time around. These really are great events, sort of a traditional SF convention vibe but focussed with laser-like intensity on our favourite universe of warring post-human nutcases (and aliens, et al, but this being the HH period, mostly post-human nutcases). You get to meet some of the authors you admire, and we get out of the house. It’s a mutually beneficial arrangement. I love speaking to people who actually read the words I write, so I’m darn excited.

Also present will be my fellow keyboard bashers (although I suspect ADB might use a quill): Aaron Dembski-Bowden, Chris Wraight, Nick Kyme, David Annandale, Gav Thorpe, John French and Rob Sanders.

Ha! I just see, French and Sanders! Get it? Get it? Bah, suit yourselves.

If you want to go, you best be quick. I am reliably informed by a man on the inside that there are only a few tickets left. Go to the Black Library website for more information. There’s a great new cover up there too by modern-day Leonardo, Neil Roberts. He’ll be at the Weekender also, but even if you can’t go do check out his battlin’ Nightlords picture. It’s breathtaking, as usual.

  1. bittermanandy says:

    I went to the HH Weekender last year, it was brilliant. Going again this year, hopefully catch up with you then!

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