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If you’ve been over to the Games Workshop or the Black Library sites today you’ll have seen that I’ve two new books coming out next weekend! Both of them detail the fate of the the Imperial Valedan system, whose five worlds are caught between the closing jaws of two Tyranid hivefleets.

Valedor centres on the system’s eponymous prime world. All of Valedan was once inhabited by Eldar. Too close to the heart of the Eldar star empire for the inhabitants to survive Slaanesh’s birth, too far for the worlds to be drawn into the Eye of Terror, it is in Eldar parlance a “True Star”, a place left deserted. Usurped by human colonists millennia ago, now man has been scoured from the planet. The Eldar return, fearing the chance melding of the hive fleets could spell doom for the entire galaxy. So great is this threat, that a gathering of Eldar kindreds occurs which has not been seen since the Fall…

The Last Days of Ector is a prequel novella set in the lead-up to the Tyranid invasion. Ector is a sub-arctic hive world whose twenty cities are lucky enough to each be overseen by a single Space Marine. Can these noble Crimson Castellans save at least a portion of the doomed population?

The books tie in with the latest Apocalypse Battlezone book, called, unsurprisingly perhaps, ValedorThere’s some tasty new models out with it too.

If you want to know more about Valedor, pick up White Dwarf, as there’s an interview in there with me about it (I’m not sure if it’s next week or this week), where I talk about how I tackle writing from an alien perspective. There’ll also be a short interview on similar topics up on the BL website next week. I had an absolute blast writing both these books, and if you’d like to know more about them please feel free to ask questions in the comments thread.

  1. redfox4242 says:

    I have made a personal resolution not to entertain myself with the Warhammer 40k universe because I thought Mantic Games was a better, economical alternative. I got that Deadzone short story anthology and I was really, really thrilled with the “A Sense of Unity” short story. I was thinking to myself, “Wow, Guy Haley really throws together a spell binding story about space elves.” Then I saw that Valedor was about the Eldar. Now, I have broken my financially sensible resolve to ignore 40k, because I just bought Valedor and I am feeling quite enthused. Next thing you know, I will have this craving to paint Eldar models. This is the gateway drug. I’m going to get sucked back into all things 40k. I try so hard not to do 40k because the model prices trouble me. My vow of 40k abstinence is not working out for me. Of course, now that I broke the rule and I bought one of the Guy Haley 40k novels, why not read them all… 😀

  2. Alex Walker says:

    Can’t wait to read this. Eldar and Dark Eldar and maybe even the Harlequins. All against the Tyranids. It’s going to be epic. 😀

  3. Hello!

    I really wanted to congratulate you on Valedor–I may be biased as a long-time Craftworld Iyanden collector, but I believe it to be the best elder-centric story to-date (even better than Gav Thorpe’s Path trilogy, which was phenomenal in its own right). You’ve managed to capture the unique identities of the differing elder factions without falling in to the trap of relying too heavily on stereotype and cliché in your portrayals, which thrills me to no end!

    If you don’t mind, I do have a couple questions I’d like to throw your way.

    Valedor appears to take place essentially in the present day of the warhammer 40k timeline. How much leeway did you have in teasing the future of the eldar as a species? With Iyanna Arienal in the book I expected Ynnead to be mentioned to some extent, but in many ways you managed to convey the notion that the eldar are on the precipice of great events unfolding.

    In the prologue, was the haemonculus talking about combining kraken and leviathan themselves? That’s the impression I got, but it seemed a bit unclear.

    Bonus question: My favorite character, by far, was Wraithseer Kelmon (I’ve been repainting my eldar under the banner of House Haladesh, so I was thrilled to see them feature so prominently!); I had actually converted a farseer miniature with wraith-bitz to represent him following the release of the GW Iyanden codex last year. Alas! I should have known his pitiful soul would be bonded to a wraithlord construct. A curiousity related to that… Wraithlord Althenien’s physical appearance was extensively described, but there was no such luck for Kelmon. If you don’t mind me asking, did you have any idea of how he would look? I must confess that I’m staring at a wraithseer miniature that I want to repaint as Kelmon, and any suggestion from the author would be appreciated!

    I’m sure I’ll pester you more about Valedor again, but in the meantime I just want to reiterate how excited I was about reading this book (no doubt I will be just as excited when my hardcopy arrives, I ordered your Last Days of Ector as well with the hope that my favorite Phoenix Lord’s appearance on the cover is a good omen)

    • guyhaley says:


      Thanks for enjoying Valedor, and thanks again for telling me you did. Here’s some answers to your questions.

      1) In this book I didn’t have a lot of leeway, as I was retelling the story of the Battlezone book. Not that I needed much, as it’s a great story to start with. All the hints about a possible resurgence of the Eldar are drawn from various pre-existing sources. I’ve embellished them a little, but I think the impact of it comes from them all being together. Some of the most important scenes regarding this are actually extended versions of text found in the Iyanden and Eldar codexes.

      2) Yes. Again, this is drawn directly from the Battlezone book.

      3) I described Althenian more as he’s more unusual looking. Kelmon is a wraithseer, so I imagined him looking like a fairly “normal” wraithlord festooned with runes dangling from his limbs and displayed on his body. Take a look at the Forgeworld wraithseer That’s pretty cool. Although I saw Kelmon in Iyanden’s colours, naturally. Of course, as it’s your model, you can paint him up as you imagine him. That’s what he looks like, the way he does in your head. And why not have both Kelmons, living and dead? There’s nothing wrong with that!

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