Black Templars

Posted: August 28, 2014 in Fiction, The Black Library

Well. Well, well, well. The first totally original post for some time (does that review I wrote last week count? Barely). Sorry about that. I do intend to write about my experience moving back to my home town, and pen a farewell to Somerset – something I’ve been meaning to attend to since before I left. I’m ten weeks overdue.

However, that’s probably more for my own benefit than your interest. So let’s talk about The Black Templars instead. Those of you who read my Black Library fiction will have noticed that I’ve written a few stories concerning the Knights of Dorn. I think I can now safely confirm that I am currently working on a new Black Templars story arc. This is really exciting as it’s the first line of Black Templar fiction since the new codex came out. So far, the following have been released:

There are more on the way. It’s perhaps worth noting here that ‘Only Blood’ and ‘Season of Shadows’ make a mini-arc, with ‘Only Blood’ coming first. The stories I’m writing comprise two strands, those about Helbrecht, and those concerning characters of my own invention. Armageddon provides a crossover point for the two.

I know the Black Templars have a lot of fans, and I’d like to invite you to comment here. Ask me questions, put me right, make suggestions. I enjoy talking. Let’s talk!

Finally, I’ve started my own Black Templars force. I’ve never actually had a proper Space Marine army before, so this is a new hobby journey for me. If I can take some decent pictures, I’ll put them up here on the blog at some point.

Until later.

Praise be.

  1. Photos of your Templars, ta.

  2. GCP129 says:

    Welcome to the Emperor’s favourite chapter!

    I’ve enjoyed your Templar stories so far (& your other stuff, natch) & look forward to more!

    Also, photos of your Templars, ta.

  3. tvih says:

    Just finished reading Death of Integrity, it was good. I ought to get around to reading your Black Templar fiction, as well. The reason I haven’t so far even though I’m been anxious for new BT novel(las) is the change in fluff. I’m sure you’ve gotten comments from other old BT fans about the changes in BT fluff, regarding the God-Emperor worship and Psykers and whatnot. I gotta say those changes kinda took the wind out of the sails of my BT army. But be that as it may, it doesn’t change that the Templars still have the Emperor’s work to do.

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