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Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized


How could I forget this? Well, one is tempted to quote Team America regarding busyness and all, but actually I just had a few days off. And what larks I had. Dinosaurs and roundheads in Leeds (sounds like a Doctor Who episode, but no). A visit to the fete in my home village, where Magnus won second prize in the Dashing Dog category. A walk in the forest, five minutes into which my dear wife tripped up and face planted very hard into the ground, so injuring her knee. Pub lunch, with beer! A trip to the seaside, where Dr Magnus learned an uncomfortable lesson in the inadvisability of eating dead jellyfish…

Minor calamities aside, I am rested and ready for typing. Before the storyfying commences for the day, observe the above photograph, brought to you in living colour. This is The Best British Fantasy 2014. It arrived last week. Within is my story ‘iRobot’, originally publishing in Interzone last year. It is edited by Steve Haynes, and out from Salt Publishing for a bargainous price. Besides my humble effort are also stories from: Priya Sharma, Jess Hyslop, Georgina Bruce, Tim Maughan, David Turnbull, Helen Jackson, E.J. Swift, Carole Johnstone, Jim Hawkins, Chris Butler, V.H. Leslie, Sarah Brooks and Nina Allen. Read them, and be amazed!

  1. Michael Grey says:

    Congrats, Guy. I’ll have to add this to my ‘to read’ pile.

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