In the park

Posted: September 3, 2014 in Notes from Hebden Bridge
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I wrote this yesterday, when it was still summer.

Benny and I cycle to his school. We’ve stopped on the way back in the park. I reckon we’ve four weeks before the valley gets roofed in with rain, so we’re making the most of it. Already it’s cold in the morning, and the trees turn earlier than they do down south.

Minding their kids are same-sex couples, ladies with blue hair, skinny men with hard expressions who smell of pot, bearded men of vaguely media persuasion, tired mummys and grandparents. It seems all life is here, though it’s not. Hebden Bridge is particular and unrepresentative. Most here are well off. A woman takes professional pictures of her children with an expensive camera. Alternative types spend a lot of money to look unmoneyed.

There is a castle of bright wood and plastic. Benny smacks his face falling from it and cries. His tears are brief. He has an argument with a girl who won’t move out of his way, though she’s as much right to be there as he. He’s as bold as his mother.

It’s still warm. It won’t last. Clouds are gathering. Autumn’s coming.

  1. Matt Keefe says:

    “Alternative types spend a lot of money to look unmoneyed.”

    This is a great line. Astute and poetic.

    (I do it the cheap way, by the way.)

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