Even old palettes retire

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Gaming
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This is my old painting palette, retired now these last three weeks. It’s a piece of cork tile that I took from leftover bits when my bedroom was refurbished in 1984. The tiles gave me somewhere to pin up my pictures. The tiles are long gone, this survived. Thirty years of paint have built up in the middle to a depth of around four centimetres. It’s hard to tell exactly how deep without cutting it in half, but the curve on the cork is extremely pronounced. Sadly it had become too heavy and unwieldy to use so I replaced it with an old Warhammer movement tray. I did away with my original water pot from the same period a couple of years ago, but this I will keep. My life is recorded within its strata.

  1. bittermanandy says:

    A couple of years back I found some of the very first models I ever painted. The paint was nearly as thick on them as it is on that palette.

    Sadly I paint-stripped them, I wish I’d kept just one in its ruined state, just to remind myself how far my painting has come…

  2. Michael Grey says:

    Be honest; did the palette retire, or did it achieve sentience and walk off of its own accord?

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