A day in the capital with genestealers

Posted: September 23, 2014 in Gaming, Random wifflings
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spaceHulk_boxI spent a delightful few hours in the capital yesterday. And by that you will know I of course mean York, capital of Yorkshire, and not London, which is some big place full of bankers in another country. I was there to meet Lee Harris. Lee published my first novel, with Angry Robot, and has gone on to achieve great things. There was some talk of possible future projects. If any come to fruition I’ll let you know.

Mainly I was there in the name of having a life. After six years in the parental bunker with my son (no one gets in, no one gets out. It’s a bit like being that guy Desmond in Lost, pressing buttons, only with wailing in place of sixties hits as a soundtrack), he is now reaching an age where he is a little more independent, so I’m engaged in the pleasant process of reconstructing my social and professional networks. Baby steps – Benny is still only young and thus needs a lot of looking after – I’ve not left him to fend for himself on the streets or anything. But it is nice to get out of the house.

While in York, I picked up the Dungeons & Dragons starter set (for Benny, I’m starting him young) and also Space Hulk (for me, because I’m a terrible nerd). I missed Space Hulk last time it was released, and have regretted it ever since. This time I had to have it, although I couldn’t really afford it. (Don’t worry Mrs H, if you’re reading this I promise no hobby spending until December).

Funnily enough, I never played it the first time it was out years ago. This is despite my brother Aidan having all the expansions and everything. I dismissed it somewhat foolishly as “not proper 40k”, and to be honest the banana-fingered plastic terminators came off poorly in comparison to the metal models of the day. Forgive me, it was early days for plastics back then. Through playing it with Jes Bickham after the last release I learned that it is one of the best board games ever, so more fool me.


Look! It’s chock full of stuff!

I bought it after a two-pint lunch, and I kind of forgot that I was cycling back from the station. Now, Space Hulk is immense. The box is large and packed topped to bottom with stuff. It is the best value gaming product I have bought this year. Great! But so full is this box that it weighs as much as a small horse. Riding a bicycle home while dangling a massive slab of a game out of one hand is not easy. There were some physics at play, pendulums and so forth, but I just about managed. I’m a real man me. Or a 41-year-old nerd struggling to get his toys home on an unsuitable mode of transport while trying not to look like an arse. I will let you, dear reader, decide

  1. redfox4242 says:

    That sounds like a great time! 🙂

  2. tsuhelm says:

    I remember the days when GW used to have a shop just inside Monk Bar…is it still there?

    Enjoy your new game 🙂

  3. mevans1499 says:

    GW York has a special place in my heart. It’s where I purchased WFB 3rd ed back in the day. I even had a money off voucher from WD no less – can you believe GW used to do such a thing!?

    I also missed SH last time round, but got this one. now own 1st & 4th eds. It is, and will always remain, an awesome game.

    I’m with you on the parental bunker – I have a 5and a 3 year old, so my emergence is almost here! 🙂
    Happy gaming!

  4. Greg D Smith says:

    I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy of 3rd edition by my wonderful and long-suffering wife. I was tempted by this one on the basis that it’s Space Hulk (my favourite game EVER) and that it had some extra new bits. Unfortunately, a combination of my poor timing (arriving at my local GW half an hour too late to pre-order), the attitude of the staffer who told me this (he was a bit of an arse) and the sudden availability of a lot of GoTG comics in the local HMV just down the road meant that I decided to give it a miss.

    Hope you enjoy – it is indeed a thing of sublime beauty 🙂

  5. Banhammer says:

    The one and only time I had the good fortune to be in GW York I bought a T-Shirt for the Judge Dredd game they released at the time, dragged my poor Mother past all those wool shops she so wanted to go into, but I insisted on GW first!

    As for Space Hulk I bought the first edition back in 1989, loved the game, managed to finally get the 3rd (4th Edition?) last weekend! Happiest person ever.

    BTW reading Death of Integrity now, no spoilers please lol

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