Five years on

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Random wifflings
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In September 2009, Death Ray closed and my career as a journalist/editor began to wind down. Fortunately, weeks before I had secured a book contract for Reality 36. Shortly thereafter came the one for Baneblade.  I had always wanted to be a “writer with a capital W”. Unemployment enabled (forced?) me to try. My current career as a full-time (more or less) writer of fiction started.

Since then, I have written:

10 novels (one still looking for a home, if you’re interested).

Four novellas.

31 short stories (I think).

I have also edited one factual book and six magazines, provided background text for two game worlds and done various other bits and pieces.

I estimate I’ve written about 1.3 million words in that time. Not bad. When I started out on this particular road, I figured I’d give it two years to see where it was going. Initially I worked a variety of roles in publishing, but these days I’m pretty much doing nothing but fiction. Things could go either way still, as  I personally don’t believe I’m established enough to relax yet. In particular, I could really do with a non-Black Library book that sells well. But I’m safe in my basement office for the time being. I have the freedom that I craved, and have been able to bring my son up. We’ve had some lean years, but although I don’t yet think I can say “success”, I’ve moved a long way from failure.

So if you’ve bought one of my books, I must say thank you very much. If you enjoyed it too, that’s even better.

  1. Gav Thorpe says:

    I would certainly put you in the success category, particularly in the context of the wider picture for genre writers. Interested to see where the self-pub adventure goes.

    • guyhaley says:

      In the context of the current state of the publishing industry I am doing fine. I can actually make a modest living out of writing, so that is a huge success. But I meant in a wider, cross-referential sort of way, and also in the longer term.

      So many things are changing so quickly, it is hard know how to go about forging kind of career I would like. But it has never been easy, has it? Success is as subjective as anything else, and I am ambitious.

      Success to me at the moment means being financially secure enough to assume I’ll still be doing this in five more years time. I’m not quite there yet.

      The self-publishing I’ve not had any time to work on. Too much to do! Every time I have a week or so spare, something steals it…

  2. Matt Keefe says:

    Don’t capitalise the double-u in writer, you tit.

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